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Packed with the full spectrum of hobby lessons and workshops, Raeva empowers anyone to connect with a new passion. Whether that’s cooking with confidence, photographing memories to last a lifetime, or quilting your way to a cozier winter, Raeva is a one-stop hobby app.


Raeva is an intuitive hobby app where aspiring hobbyists can learn from talented artists, fitness enthusiasts, home cooks, photographers, and more. With hands-on workshops, 1-on-1 trainings, and community connections, there’s simply no better way to learn a new hobby.

Get a sneak peek at our growing collection of hobbies!

Demo Video

Demo Video


For Teachers and Instructors

Save time with a centralized student base on one app

Enjoy the flexibility of custom hours and rates

Share your passion while elevating your earnings

For Students and Hobbyists

Go beyond learning a new hobby… excel at it!

Connect with fellow hobbyists who share your interests

Access trusted coaches with your growth at heart

Unearth and refine your unique talents



See Raeva in action with our clickable prototype. Here’s how it works…


Click anywhere on the phone screen to the left.


Select the ‘user’ button.


Select the ‘log in’ button.


Click anywhere in the white space. You’ll see a blue highlight appear on every clickable button.

About the


About Me

Former Army Officer. Serial Hobbyist. Lean Practitioner. Lifelong Learner.


Founder and CEO @ Raeva Inc.


Golf. Hiking. Fishing. Traveling. Volunteering. Top Chef.

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We are targeting a launch of July 2023.

The 2023 launch will be for US users but we plan on expanding globally in 2024.

They can be in in-person or virtual. It will be specified in the class description. 

Send us an e-mail with the hobby you’re interested in and your location! We’ll do our best to onboard new coaches for our most requested hobbies. 

We’ll have a diverse selection of hobby classes to select from. Hobbies will span across arts and crafts, sports, outdoors, and more. Some examples include: Archery, Baking, Ballroom Dancing, Beat Boxing, Beekeeping, Bladesmith, Breadmaking, Brewing Beer, Calligraphy, Candle Making, Canning / Pickling / Making Jam, Coffee Roasting, Crocheting, Cross-stitching / Embroidery, Disc Golf, Drone Photography, Fly Fishing, Foraging, Jewelry making, Kayak Fishing, Kombucha Brewing, Landscape Photography, Line Dancing, Long Exposure Photography, Pasta Making, Quilting, Surfing, Watercolor Painting, Wilderness Survival 101.

Downloading the app, creating an account, and browsing our content will be completely free.