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Lessons with RAEVA

Say goodbye to traditional business cards and costly personalized websites for lesson promotion. Embrace the simplicity of digital convenience with us!

Raeva is an all-in-one lesson management platform for coaches and instructors who teach sports, outdoor activities, and related classes. We work closely with you to support your business journey by streamlining the administrative aspects of your classes. This, in turn, enables you to focus on your core strength: delivering world-class instruction to your students.

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What is Raeva?

An all-in-one lessons management platform for coaches and instructors

A marketplace for students to easily connect with and book classes with their preferred coaches

A platform leveraging the latest AI technologies to help you develop a high-converting course description

How Do I Get Started?

Create a Coach or Teacher Account

Update your Profile to add a short bio, social media links, and contact information

Create a class, set your availability, and publish it

Use the one-click sharing option to post your class to facebook

About the


About Me

Former Army Officer. Serial Hobbyist. Lean Practitioner. Lifelong Learner.


Founder and CEO @ Raeva Inc.


Golf. Hiking. Fishing. Traveling. Volunteering. Top Chef.


Named after my niece, whose curiosity and child-like wonder continue to inspire me, Raeva is an innovative platform designed to help individuals embrace their natural inclination for exploration. Our purpose is to inspire users to connect with their curious side, try new things, learn new hobbies, and discover their true passions. Raeva serves as a one-stop destination for effortlessly booking a diverse range of classes, including sports, outdoors, and more. Our primary goal is to make it as easy and convenient as possible for anyone to learn something new and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

The 2023 launch will be for US users but we plan on expanding globally in 2024.

They can be in-person or virtual. It will be specified in the class description. 

Send us an e-mail with the class you’re interested in and your location! We’ll do our best to onboard new coaches for our most requested classes. 

While we’re in our beta testing period (October-December 2023) the platform is completely free to use. This means that we will cover all processing fees for coaches and teachers when they collect payments through our platform.