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  1. What is a class marketplace platform? A class marketplace platform is an online platform that connects coaches or teachers with learners, providing a virtual marketplace for various educational services. It enables coaches and teachers to offer lessons, courses, and workshops to interested learners.

  2. Is Raeva available worldwide? Raeva can be accessed by any user regardless of location but transactions are restricted to US residents only. We plan on expanding transactions to other countries in 2024. 

  3. How does a class marketplace platform work? Coaches and teachers create profiles on the platform, detailing their expertise, availability, and pricing. Learners search for suitable teachers, explore their offerings, and book lessons or courses based on their preferences. Lessons may be conducted through live video sessions or in-person.

  4. What types of classes are offered on these platforms? We’re mainly focused on promoting classes in Sports and Outdoors but we are open to listing other lessons as well. Contact us to learn more!

  5. What are the payment and pricing structures on these platforms? Coaches and teachers set their own rates, and we charge a commission and service fee on each transaction. Note: During our Beta Testing period we will be waving all fees. This period is tentatively scheduled to end November 1, 2023. 

  6. Are there any free lessons available? Some coaches and teachers may offer free introductory lessons or trial sessions, but most lessons usually come with a cost. 

  7. Can I reschedule or cancel a lesson? Rescheduling and cancellation policies vary among coaches and teachers. Some may allow you to reschedule with prior notice, while others might have strict cancellation policies. Be sure to review the specific policies before booking a lesson. If the teacher does not include their policies in their listing then please use our messaging service to contact them prior to booking.