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For Teachers and Coaches

Say goodbye to traditional business cards and costly personalized websites for lesson promotion. Embrace the simplicity of digital convenience with us!

Raeva Highlights

  • User-Friendly Experience

    Raeva's intuitive and sleek interface ensures a seamless user experience. Effortlessly navigate the app, explore class details, and connect with instructors with just a few taps. We've designed Raeva with your convenience in mind, making learning accessible and enjoyable wherever you go.

  • Seamlessly Craft High-Converting Class Descriptions in Minutes with Cutting-Edge AI

    This means that teachers can spend more time doing what they love – teaching – and less time worrying about marketing and administration! Our process begins by asking you basic questions. It takes less than a minute for AI to generate a draft class description based on your responses. You can then review and update it to match your teaching style and course content. This collaboration ensures a clear and accurate class description that highlights the value of your course.

  • Effortless Payment Integration

    We empower teachers and coaches on our platform to effortlessly receive payments through our trusted partnership with Stripe. With Stripe's state-of-the-art security measures, including end-to-end encryption and robust fraud prevention, both teachers and students can confidently engage in secure transactions.

  • Easily Share Your Class Listing on Social Platforms

    Say goodbye to time-consuming manual sharing! With our new feature, sharing your classes has never been easier. A single click is all it takes to broadcast your classes to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Effortless promotion, maximum results!

During our Beta Testing period, we're offering additional services for FREE (ends October 1, 2023)

How to Get Started

Step 1 - Create a Teacher Account
Step 2 - Click on the menu icon next to the cart and then click on 'My Profile'
Step 3 - Add Profile Details
Step 4 - Reference Step 2 image and click on 'Dashboard' and then 'Add Class'
Step 5 - Add Class Details and Submit
Step 6 - Your class listing is live and ready to be booked!

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Are you considering joining our platform as a teacher-partner or just curious to learn more? 

No matter where you stand on your teaching journey, we’re here to provide answers to all your questions! Whether you’re unsure about joining or eager to get started, our team will guide you through the platform’s seamless usage.

 Reach out today, and let’s explore the possibilities together!

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