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What does Raeva mean?

Selecting the ideal name for your startup can be extremely challenging. And I usually don’t struggle with indecision. So what gives? I devoted weeks to brainstorming, attempting to infuse words like ‘hobby,’ ‘class,’ or ‘lesson’ into the name. My initial belief was that the name should instantly convey the platform’s purpose. However, after weeks of overthinking and over-stressing, I realized that a different approach might be more fitting.

Around the three-week mark of my indecision, a new perspective emerged. I decided to shift away from the idea that the name had to explicitly reveal the platform’s function. Instead, I aimed for a name that would spark joy (very Marie Kondo-esque), uniqueness, and hold a special meaning. That’s when I found the perfect name – ‘Raeva,’ named after my niece, Raevalynn.

This platform is about embracing the spirit of exploration, uncovering hidden talents, and kindling your passions. It’s about that child-like wonder that makes you want to explore and learn more about yourself.

In this pursuit of the perfect name, I’ve discovered that sometimes, the most extraordinary journeys begin with a simple shift in perspective. ‘Raeva’ embodies this spirit of discovery and wonder, and I hope it inspires you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery starting with trying something new today through our Raeva platform. – TD

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